MSITS ltd intends to be the nation's largest service provider for exclusively focused free web based emails service and whole range of communication/collaboration services.
1. Free Web based email services for all
Standard Mail Features- Web access, Personal address book, Directory search, Folder filtering, Pop-based email collecting, Language selection, auto responders, signatures, scheduling, spell check, stationery, searches and more.
2. Hosting Messaging Services for SME’s and Educational Institutions
MSITS specializes in helping sme’s outsource their messaging and concentrate on core strengths. By eliminating the need to maintain and administer an internal email infrastructure, sme’s and small business s users can reduce costs while enjoying 99.9 percent availability. The hosted messaging services also provides integrated virus scanning and spam control for maximum data protection. The hosted messaging services also include Instant Messaging for fast internal communication within the organization, sending student appraisal reports to parents etc. The hosted services also allow the organization to control its mail box storage size through web-based provisioning and administration tools.

MSITS hosted messaging services includes inbound and outbound virus scanning using antivirus tools and protects users from unwanted Spam using the anti-Spam product, the industry leader in Spam protection. User security is maintained with SSL encryption, protecting the data as it traverses the Internet.
3. Wireless Messaging  
Keep in touch with your email – on the road, at meetings or wherever your travels take you. MSITS wireless email eliminates the need for bulky laptops or dial-up connections. MSITS supports all major wireless access methods, smart cell phones and PDAs.
4. Web hosting Services  
Provides its users and community members an affordable and easy package of web hosting services.
5. Application Hosting Services   
MSITS proposes to serve application services for SME’s and individuals. The most common applications envisaged to be provided are payroll, sales force automation, Project management, CRM packages etc.
6. Data center services-  
Server Collocation, Backup/ restore, Shared/ dedicated hosting
Server Collocation
Customers can bring in their own rack mountable servers and house them in shared racks, or hire complete racks, and even rent ‘secure cages’ at the hosting facility as per their application/s requirements.

MSITS hosting offers a unique range of web hosting solutions, which bundle advanced hosting appliances (servers) and hosting services, which allow the customers to own their servers, instead of choosing a shared server. This solution can be typically used by smes, website hosting providers and e-mail service providers.
Dedicated server 

We provide dedicated servers that suit your budget. A wide range of servers of various specifications - space/memory/processors - is available on rent payable in equated monthly installments.

Shared server
For customers whose site/application are primarily static in nature and do not need large space on a server, we provide shared space. These servers are hosted with us at our Data center and offer the benefit of superior infrastructure and network.
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